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SIT30616 - Certificate III in Hospitality 

Duration 12 months - 24 months workplace traineeship (NSW only)

The Certificate III in Hospitality qualification is well suited to a variety of roles where a food and beverage service is being provided. Business's that are suited to this qualification are pubs, clubs, hotels, cafe's, restaurants and take away venues.

At Signature Learning & Development we have a set package and electives units are selected in line with your role in the workplace.  Our programs are designed to be relevant in your workplace or in a simulated environment that we feel we can make realistic and aligns with our training staff's expertise meaning our students get quality training and assessment gaining skills that can be transferred across any hospitality business.

To achieve the Certificate III in Hospitality qualification you must successfully complete a total of 15 units.

What we can offer:

Elective units must be relevant to the work environment and the qualification, maintain the integrity of the AQF alignment and contribute to a valid, industry-supported vocational outcome. We have chosen the units below to suit most workplaces, this is the standard package we deliver under the Smart & Skilled Funded Traineeship model in NSW.

One of the core units, SITHIND004 Work effectively in hospitality service, requires you to complete 36 service periods (shift) that individually or in combination involve:

  • interacting with and positively responding to diverse demands and requests of different customers
  • working with speed and efficiency to deal with numerous service and operational tasks simultaneously
  • identifying issues and problems, determining solutions and taking appropriate action to resolve
  • working cooperatively as part of a service team, monitoring the service process and workflow, and taking responsibility for own work outcomes
  • providing technical advice and support to other team members.

It is extremely important that you are aware that if you do not complete this requirement either through paid work or unpaid work experience in a suitable business you can not achieve your Certificate III in Hospitality.

Core Units

BSBWOR203  Work effectively with others

SITHIND002  Source and use information on the hospitality industry

SITHIND004  Work effectively in hospitality service

SITXCCS006  Provide service to customers

SITXCOM002 Show social and cultural sensitivity

SITXHRM001 Coach others in job skills

SITXWHS001 Participate in safe work practices

Electives (Group A) you must do one of these (you can select both):

SITHIND001 Use hygienic practices for hospitality service

SITXFSA001 Use hygienic practices for food safety

Group B electives we can offer, you must select 5 of these:

SIRXSLS001 Sell to the retail customer

SIRXPDK001Advise on products and services

SITHCCC002 Prepare and present simple dishes

SITHCCC003 Prepare and present sandwiches

SITHCCC004 Package prepared foodstuffs

SITHCCC006 Prepare appetisers and salads

SITHKOP001 Clean kitchen premises and equipment

BSBFIA301    Maintain financial records

SITXFIN001  Process financial transactions

SITHFAB001  Clean and tidy bar areas

SITHFAB003  Operate a bar

SITHFAB004  Prepare and serve non-alcoholic beverages

SITHFAB005  Prepare and serve espresso coffee

SITHFAB007  Serve food and beverage

SITHFAB016  Provide advice on food

SITXFSA003  Transport and store food

Group C electives we can offer (you can select 2 units from group C if you haven't selected 7 from group B)

BSBCMM201 Communicate in the workplace

BSBSUS201   Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

SITXWHS002 Identify hazards, assess and control safety risks


We only offer this qualification under the NSW Smart & Skilled traineeship model which is currently fee free to eligible students. We do not offer this qualification under a fee for service model. 


Students will have access to extra support if a physical or learning disability may impede their ability to complete this course in its usual form of delivery. This will be determined on a case by case basis prior to enrollment.


This course is delivered in a mixed mode, primarily the assessment process is through our online student portal and our teaching process is a mix of face to face workshops, workplace visits, one on one (either on line or face to face). Where face to face visits are not possible we offer digital session with our trainers (phone/zoom/Microsoft teams).


Recognition of Prior Learning is available on request for this course. This is assessed on a case by case basis. RPL is when you feel you may already have certain skills that are part of this course and you can provide evidence of that. Our assessment staff will review your evidence and determine if it meets requirements of the training package.


Credit transfer can be applied for at the enrolment phase. CT is when you have completed the exact unit previously or a superseded version of that unit which is equivalent to the current version. For a CT to be granted you must be able to provide a copy of your statement of attainment/certificate and grant Signature Learning and Development to verify it authenticity with the RTO (provider) that issued it.


We can offer paper copies of all student resources if requested however it is our preference that students access resources through our online student portal. Offering digital copies allows us to maintain the currency of our resources and helps us meet our business ambitions of one day being paperless and reducing our carbon footprint. Environmentally sustainable practices are a key business priority for Signature Learning and Development. 

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