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Our Story

Signature Learning and Development has been created between two business partners Brian Cook and Trene Welch are both highly regarded, professional trainers who have worked across many industries both in the vocational and private sectors.

Both Brian and Trene have extensive management backgrounds within the vocational sector that compliments unique skillsets derived from many facets of both the private and public sectors.

What makes us unique from other training organisations?

Our throw away the text book approach, to training, professional development, coaching and mentoring. Not because the text book isn't full of valuable information, perhaps it is but we want to bring you the way it really is in business based on our vast experience and if we don't know it, we don't teach it.

Let's re-write the text books, get real results and help your visions become a reality because "potential is nothing without actions".

Invite us into your family today.

An Idea is Born

After many years working together under other companies banners, natural progression led the idea of creating our training organisation.

Many planning sessions, out of the box idea's and consultation with industry regarding what they really want was the start of Signature Learning and Development.

With both Brian and Trene having a very realistic approach to the way they facilitate training, coaching and business planning sessions it made sense to build our business model around this approach.

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